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St. Lawrence Law Firm is a boutique that is committed to supporting its customers on a daily basis by offering strategic advice. St. Lawrence Law Firm constantly strives to evolve its offering to respond to changes in the legal market and the needs of its clients.

Intellectual Property

Our lawyers are involved at all stages of the development, adoption, protection and exploitation of intellectual property assets.

Lawyers :

Technology, Digital Media and Gaming

As part of our technology practice, our lawyers represent companies, government agencies, health institutions, research groups and pharmaceutical companies, more specifically with regard to:


  • Procurement strategies, including outsourcing, offshoring, shared services arrangements, technology procurement, and tender documents for the acquisition of technology

  • Technology services, including cloud computing and storage arrangements, software-as-a-service (SaaS), systems implementation and integration, professional/consulting service agreements, maintenance and support agreements, and service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Internet, e-commerce and e-payments, including website hosting agreements, website terms and conditions of use, privacy policies, electronic signatures, website development agreements, electronic payment solutions, and domain name purchase agreements

  • Technology development, licensing, sale and distribution, including software licenses, end-user license agreements, software purchase agreements, software development agreements, terms and conditions for hardware sales, technology supply agreements, value-added reseller agreements, distribution agreements, master research agreements, joint ventures and strategic alliances for the funding, development and commercialization of technology


In the fields of digital media and gaming, our firm represents developers of interactive products, producers, editors, distributors, web publishers, and companies, predominantly in the following areas:

  • Content production and distribution for digital media

  • Financing, development, production and distribution of video games and mobile applications for use on digital platforms


Marketing and Advertising

The team at St. Lawrence reviews advertisements for all types of platforms in order to detect false or misleading advertising, to substantiate comparative advertising claims and to provide opinions regarding the prohibition of advertising to children in the province of Quebec. Our team also provides services in the context of product placement, sponsorships, and branded content creation for television, film and the Internet.


The lawyers at St. Lawrence draft rules for promotional contests and ensure that such contests comply with the Competition Act, the Criminal Code and the regulations enforced by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux. They furthermore file promotional contests in Quebec and possess in-depth knowledge of the administrative processes applied by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux.


The St. Lawrence team offers advice regarding compliance with the Consumer Protection Act in Quebec, particularly the legality of automatically renewed contracts, unilateral amendments to contracts, and warranty coverage. Our lawyers also provide advice regarding the legal requirements related to the management of gift cards and loyalty programs, and draft the related terms and conditions.


St. Lawrence Law Firm is often called upon to draft various types of agreements related to marketing and advertising, such as product supply agreements for promotional contests, confidentiality agreements, as well as distribution, license, and sponsorship agreements.


Our lawyers coordinate and obtain legal opinions from foreign associates in order to implement international advertising campaigns and promotional programs.



Business Law

In addition to the services specifically described above, our team supports its clientele in its various business needs, including:

  • The initial organization and incorporation of enterprises, including any shareholder agreement or part-nership or joint venture agreement

  • Contracts for sales, services, or engineering-procurement-construction (EPC)

  • All contractual documentation required in connection with any corporate financing, including bank debt or equity investments

  • The taking of security interests and their perfection in the appropriate jurisdictions

  • Business acquisitions

  • Corporate reorganizations

  • Any question related to the governance of private companies, including their main regulatory obliga-tions (legal publicity of enterprises, Charter of the French Language, lobbyists registry)


Employment and Labour Law

Our team understands the crucial role that human resource management plays in strategic planning for a company. Our lawyers are dedicated to supporting the protection and management of your human capital and offering advice tailored to the reality of a constantly evolving work world. 

They advise and represent mainly employers in all facets of their relationship with non-unionized and unionized employees, in all matters relating to:

  • Drafting of employment and service contracts, corporate policies and rules;

  • Labour standards and human rights and freedoms;

  • Disciplinary and administrative process;

  • Representation before civil courts and administrative tribunals;

  • Union certification;

  • Negotiation of collective agreements;

  • Interest and rights arbitration.



Our lawyers offer advice regarding all aspects of the collection and management of personal information, including compliance with federal and provincial laws on privacy, as well as compliance with anti-spam legislation. They also assist clients in responding to privacy and security breaches, and represent clients in the context of privacy investigations conducted by various regulatory organizations.


Status of Artist Legislation

Lawyers practicing in this area are rather rare. In addition to our expertise in the field of entertainment law, our lawyers also have a recognized expertise in labour relations in cultural entreprises. They have handled numerous cases and files involving the Quebec and federal legislation on the statut of artist, by being involved in various union certification processes, negotiations of group agreements and arbitration files.



Charter of the French Language

Our lawyers provide advice to clients about the use of the French language in Quebec with respect to contracts, communications with employees, product labelling, commercial advertising, website content, invoices, and in the context of francization programs for companies with more than 50 employees in Quebec.



Regulatory – Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux

The St. Lawrence team assists clients in obtaining alcohol permits and also helps secure such permits in the event of a business undergoing transfer of ownership.