Law at the service of creativity, innovation and commercialization
St. Lawrence Law Firm provides legal services through a team of lawyers trained in prominent Canadian law firms. Our structure enables us to offer fair and competitive rates, tailored to today’s market. Working from our Montreal office or from our clients’ premises, our experienced and passionate team is dedicated to helping our clients develop their business. Our firm boasts a flexible organization, ideally suited to thrive in a constantly evolving world.
The name of the firm is inspired by the effervescence and cultural diversity of Montreal’s St. Lawrence Boulevard and by the international commerce taking place via the St. Lawrence Seaway. Like both of these arteries, St. Lawrence Law Firm is a meeting place where culture, the arts, shows, music, innovation, and business all rub shoulders. The river’s location at the border between Canada and the United States, and the boulevard’s history also recall the distinct co-existence of French and English in Quebec, which is further illustrated in the firm’s bilingual nature.